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Attendee List for the 2018 Alumni Reunion
90th Annual Alumni Reunion Attendee List

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50th Anniversary Classes
Ordination Class of 1968Class Chairman: Fr. Lowell Will
Boyer, Fr. Thomas
Uhl, Michael
Will, Fr. Lowell
College Class of 1968 - Class Chairmen: Fred Chandler & Dave Stippler
Chandler, Fred
Rouck, Rich
High School Class of 1968 - Class Chairman: Bill Woerz
Brenner, Joe
Newmister, Tom
Woerz, BIll
45th Anniversary Class
College Class of 1973 - Class Chairman: Dick Wildeman
Wildeman, Dick (Jane)
40th Anniversary Classes
Ordination Class of 1978 - Class Chairman: Fr. Paul Wienhoff
Gardner, Fr. Daniel
Wagner, Fr. Ron
Wenzinger, Fr. George
College Class of 1978 - Class Chairman: John Gerken
Cieslik, Fr. Dale
Glesing, Charlie
Rhinaman, Jack
Whitehurst, Scott
25th Anniversary Classes
Theology Class of 1993
Bruning, Fr. William
College Class of 1993 - Class Chairman: Fr. Joe Villa
10th Anniversary Class
Theology Class of 2008 - Class Chairman: Fr. Matt Lowry
5th Anniversary Class
Theology Class of 2013
Other Alumni Registered for 2018 Alumni Reunion (alphabetical by last name)
Bryson, Dr. Jared C'97
Carr, Chris C'94
Carter, Fr. Alan T'13
Cooper, Deacon Richard PD'12
Cushing, Fr. Robert O'76
Davisson, Paul HS'58
Dunman, Betsy MTS '01
Easton, Msgr. Fred O'66
Ginther, Fr. Rick C'72
Hubbard, Fr. Randy T'90
Pfennig, Joe T'98
Spalding, Bishop J. Mark C'87
Strange, C. Carney C'69
Tarrant, William HS'66
Vasko, Msgr. Chris O'83
Wells, Archbishop Peter C'87
Williams, Fr. Mike T'97
Williamson, Carrie MTS '14
Ziliak, Fr. Joseph O'62


Non Alumni (Guests) Registered for the 2018 Alumni Reunion
 Dwyer, Fr. Dave

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